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Hanks Gun Shop

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The goal of this web site is to provide you information so you can enjoy a safe experience with firearms but is not to take the place of getting sound training from an expert in your local area. We have teamed up with other suppliers to offer you a complete experience with your firearms. We will provide you merchandise at a competitive price when we can or we will find a team member that an provide you with the item you want. Please explore the site and check out the team members, we will be adding information, new items and team member, so be sure to check back often for the changes. You can also be added to our mailing list to receive updates on changes, special offers and new team members.

To be added to our email list send an email to Sales@hanksgunshop.com with add me in the subject line.

When I was asked to tell you why Hawk’s Gun Shop is unique from other gun and hunting stores and web sites, one thing stood out to me. The belief that guns are not the demon that they have become in our society, firearms can provide opportunities to bring families together and to teach your children to respect life. More people die from automobile accidents or are seriously injured than are with guns. Yet no one is talking about how to treat the car as a dangerous life taking machine and to put safety lockouts on them to insure that children are not killed accidently instead they are made to be glamorous and desired. We have the ability to disable the car so it will not run if the cell phone is turned on, that would end phone calls and texting behind the wheel that has lead to so many deaths. As the car has brought families together, offering a place where you can talk with your children and instruct them on the dangers on the streets and how to be safe when they are walking, riding a bicycle or driving a car when they are old enough to be on their own. Taking your family shooting whether sport shooting, target shooting or hunting can also give you a place and an activity where you can develop a relationship with your children that will help them with everything they do in life.

This is what Hank’s Gun Shop does, they help you find opportunities to bring your family together and teach your children how to be safe around guns, to get outdoors and enjoy each other’s company. That respecting life is real, not like in the video games that so many of the children play today. There is no reset when something goes wrong it is permanent and no amount of wishing that will be able to undo the damage. In life you only have one chance to get it right this knowledge will help the kids in other areas of their lives. Their relationship with others will take on new dimensions, they will understand that whatever they do in life, is real and to think about their actions and what will be the consequences of those actions.

The first place to begin is that you need to take a hunter’s safety course and then a concealed carry instruction course, even if you have been around guns all your life because we all have developed bad habits at everything we do in life and only when we return to the basics and the watchful eye of an expert are we aware of the things we are doing wrong. This is even more important if you are going to be talking with your kids about guns. When your children are old enough to start shooting, start them off with taking the same courses that you take this will give them another opportunity to hear why they have to be safe around firearms but it will be from someone they view as an expert. ¬†And if you have done your job right in instructing them about firearms you will get a little credibility, that just maybe you know something after all. This could give you respect in your children’s eyes and that you may be right about other things in their lives when you offer them advise about life.